Materials and Finishes

We are focused on creating physical environments that are in harmony with their surroundings. It is our attempt to give our buildings a character that is essentially grounded in nature. Our use of natural construction materials, available locally, we believe, has added a new dimension to building aesthetics. Besides being maintenance-free, these materials age beautifully with time and are sustainable too

In-house Construction Teams

Doing everything in-house from start to handover and after, we are able to ensure quality and control costs: benefits that we pass on to our customer. 

We work together as an integrated team - from concept to completion. This high degree of interaction between our design, construction and business development teams ensures that every little detail gets the close attention it deserves

Transparency & Ethics



It's not just in sourcing of the best; it's also in how we labour over all aspects of our work - from design to workmanship - that sets us apart.

Our ability to keep things simple, transparent and above board has helped build the trust our customers place in us. We seek to develop relationships that are as enduring as our buildings. We keep a stream of honest and timely communication going with our customers, building bonds even as we build homes.

We believe that we are perhaps the only firm in the country that allows home owners to customize every little detail of their homes. Our homeowners are encouraged to customize their homes to match their distinct tastes and lifestyles. All options of quality, cost and workability are provided for informed decisions.

Meet The Team



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Sadia is the founding member and Lead architect at Montage DB. Sadia and Faisal Hayat, a sister brother duo, both architects by profession, founded Montage DB in 1998 and have ever since built an innovative and successful Designbuild practice. 




Faisal is a senior architect at Montage DB with 20 years’ experience in the Architectural profession. . Faisal is responsible for ensuring that all projects are kept carefully monitored and are delivered on time and on budget, while maintaining design integrity which is paramount for montage design build




With over 15 years in Project Management for Montage DB, Qaisar’s role focuses on the day to day management of the studio team and the coordination between the studio and construction activities on site. He is also fully conversant with procurement from the local and foreign markets and looks after the finances of the business



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Liaqat Hayat is Technical advisor to Montage DB with 45 years experience in the civil engineering and building professions. He has had the opportunity to work in various large construction companies, working as project manager of major public buildings in Islamabad, which has enabled him to gain a wide range of experience in methods of project delivery, from concept design through to building handover.