• Sadia Hayat/ Maha Javed

Gulberg Greens: View from an Architect's Eyes

Gulberg Greens offers a lavish, green and unique lifestyle, at a short distance from Islamabad-Rawalpindi. No other housing scheme offers such amazing connectivity, luxury, and a world-class Infrastructure, all put together, at prices that are strangely lower than all other options available.

A 4 kanal plot in Gulberg Greens measures 2400 square yards and costs around 40 million. A 500 square yards plot in DHA Phase 2 (closest competitor) costs above 20 million. At this point time, you are allowed to construct 8500 sft in Gulberg Greens and 6000 sft in DHA Phase 2. Though you never know what this allowance will be in the future. When land values shoot up, and there is a shortage of land in City centers, divisions and subdivisions are a norm. In the future, they might allow you to build two houses, and/or increase the area of allowable construction, as has happened elsewhere. So for all intents and purposes, the land values work out to be lower in Gulberg Greens than anywhere else in Islamabad

I think the Master planning principals adopted in Gulberg Greens are tilted more towards end-users than the developer. Generally in a housing scheme of this scale, low-density housing like Farmhouses, would have occupied the remote locations, as the land prices there will be lower, but not in this case. The Farmhouses are closest to the main road and in a 15 minutes signal-free drive on Islamabad Expressway from Zero Point, you reach Gulberg Greens. This also means the land values will shoot sooner and steeper than we may expect. Gulberg is developing far and wide, but Farmhouses have been restricted to Greens alone. The extensions Constitute Gulberg Residencia and are a typical mix of 200 square yards to 1000 square yards urban housing.

From the start, this society has laid great emphasis on greenery and Infrastructure. You will not find this much green, open land in any other housing society in Islamabad. The best part is they have planted nice trees all along the main and secondary roads, in squares and open areas, even inside the plots. During construction, if you uproot any, you will have to replant a tree there. Along the streets, there are mostly fruit trees… yummy! The plantation is rich and native, and green spaces are well designed and well managed.

Gulberg Greens has introduced a new yardstick for urban Luxury Housing in Islamabad, and I hope it will have a great impact on the future of the city.

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