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Islamabad is now filled to the brim with eateries everywhere. From F-6 to up until the mountains, one can find almost anything to curb their cravings. Starting with F-6, where the magical world of Harry Potter resides under the roof of Smokey Cauldron, this quaint little three-story restaurant is lined with everything a Potterhead could want in a Muggle world. The interior and architecture are such that one can enjoy a cozy evening there with friends and family. The moody interior will have you coming back for their Dobby burger, and Dragons’s milk.

Furthermore, just a short drive from there is Kohsar market where several different cafes and eateries can be found. European architectural vibes can be felt in the middle of life in Islamabad. And just a little distance from there is the Islamabad’s first and most popular mall, Centaurus. Apart from the regular food court, a few cafes and restaurants offer terrace side seating with gorgeous views of the Margallas. The architectural landscape combined with nature’s landscape can make for a rather relaxing evening.

Speaking of the Margallas, who wouldn’t like to go to Monal? It wouldn’t be a quiet time by any means, but it will be a jolly time with your group. Oh, and while you wait for your food, which can take a while, nearby is a short hiking trail to get you ready to eat to your heart’s content. And obviously, the views of the city below are stunning, so put those cameras to use and get clicking.

There are some very nice desi food outlets as well, specially recommended for the elders and those fond of common home cooked dishes. Like the old Mr. Chips in Jinnah Supper market. They have the best BBQ, and Curries. The food is fantastic but the interiors…. Well nothing to write home about.

If you like something middle eastern than here are two classic Restaurants in Islamabad, the Kabul Restaurant in Jinnah super and Omar Khayyam in Blue area. Both serve great food, but for interiors and ambiance…. Well I would say get a home delivery.

Islamabad houses tons and tons of restaurants now. One can find anything from sushi to desi chicken tikkas, and almost every place has ambient interior. Lastly, it may or may not resonate with you, but with these tough times, eating out may be of help to those struggling with their businesses – following SOP’s alongside of course.

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