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Why Boutique Homes Islamabad ?

Islamabad is among the few planned cities in this region. Its infrastructure and living standards are of the highest development level in Pakistan. Being the capital it enjoys immense political will and support for its developmental needs. As a result every Pakistani working abroad or settled in different areas of the country wishes to settle down here. There exists a huge demand for its housing units, of all categories. This fact is validated by the extraordinarily high land values in this city. However the houses that are available for sale are minimal in number, and lack modern amenities and high end finishing.

The process of constructing a house in Pakistan is extremely fragmented. It involves purchase of land, hiring an architect, hiring a labor contractor, purchase of materials by the client so on and so forth. And due to this fragmentation and divided responsibilities the final product is never worth all the effort, especially if you have lived abroad and are looking for quality Lifestyle. Design-build companies are also not a common phenomenon. As a result a lot of people either shy away from making a house or end up buying substandard house on an extremely expensive piece of land.

In this background Montage Designbuild, expanded its business activities to develop various categories of Ready-to-move-in, Luxury Homes in Islamabad. With vast experience, sound knowledge of local practices and the passion to excel, Montage Designbuild has all the skills and resources, required to build quality homes in different areas of Islamabad.

While purchasing a new home you will learn things about yourself you never knew. For example, do you value privacy or do you enjoy the company of neighbors? Do you need an extra bathroom or is that not an important factor? Does the main bedroom need to be close to the rest of the rooms or secluded? We will help you design and build the best home for your exact needs so you will be satisfied with your Project in the years to come.

Our design-built homes are personalized to your specific needs to be a house that allows your family room to breathe and grow, but also has communal areas for dinners and socialization. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art single-family home in or around the capital city Contact Us today. We love to meet new families and make their dreams come true, from selection of land to final handing over and more. If you are new to the area we can share insider secrets for the best places to meet your family needs, like schools, clinics, shopping etc. You are going to love your new home and life in Pakistan. The area is vibrant, diverse, green, and full of culture, good food, good jobs, good schools and places to take your family for entertainment.

Call Us today so we can get the process started on your new home.

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